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Bakop: the better backup
Bakop is a FTP-based offsite backup service. Store your backups on our Bakop server. Create an offsite backup of your web server. Or keep your home and office PC files safe.

Free Bakop FTP account

Limited Service:

  • 1 FTP user.
  • 500MB storage space.
  • Up to 2GB transfer to server per month.
  • Up to 2GB transfer from server per month.

Bakop pro FTP account

4.99 USD per month gets you:

  • 3 FTP users.
  • 10GB storage.
  • 20GB data transfer to server.
  • 10GB data transfer from server.

Extra resources

Extra resources will cost you:

  • 0.50 USD /FTP user.
  • 2.00 USD /GB storage up to 20GB.
  • 0.50 USD /GB storage between 20GB and 40GB.
  • 0.25 USD /GB storage after 40GB.
  • 0.08 USD /GB transfer to server.
  • 0.20 USD /GB transfer from server.

FTP-based Bakop service details:

  • Perfect for remote backups of your servers.
  • Use standard protocols to take backups of your data: FTP, rsync, sshFS, scp, rdiff-backup.
  • Standard protocol support means Bakop can be used from Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows computers.
  • Your backups remain private and password secured.
  • Automate with SSH keys (no need to then manually enter a password, you can automate a scripted backup). SSH sessions and a set of file management-related commands is supported: du, sha1sum, scp, rsync, md5sum, cp, mv, echo, mk and rmdir, ln, chmod.